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Undoubtedly, having your own business which generates regular cash for you is the ultimate end you look forward to.Yes, there are numerous reasons you should commence your business now , but three of them are outstanding.
One principal reason you should be on your own is the freedom you will enjoy as your own boss.You take your decisions. Nobody tells you what to do anymore. You are at the steering wheel directing the course of your business.
Secondly, being your own boss means enjoying all the profits of the concern alone.Nobody shares the proceeds with you.In addition, you need not declare your revenue or assets to anyone. On the other hand, if anything goes wrong,you bear the full brunt of the situation.
Finally,you decide where,what, and when to do your business. You bid farewell to the unenviable 8 to 5 slavery. You take your vacation whenever you like.What is sweeter than being your own boss?


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Are you already employed or still in the labour market? Whatever your situation, you will agree with me that having your own business is the most preferable option. Why then have you not launched your company?

One major reason you have continually postponed starting your business is the fear of starting . You are afraid and do not know how to start or what kind of business to dabble in to . And if you already employed the fear of leaving your comfort zone will further make it extremely difficult for you to test new waters.

Another potent excuse for pushing forward your business start-up time has been the fear of failure .What about if the business fails? Who wants to lose his or her hard-earned money? The present economic melt-down ravaging every nook and cranny of the whole world has not helped matters. Of course, no one desires to be the laughing stock of friends and family members.

Furthermore, the lack of adequate funds could be your own principal factor for not taking the bull by the horns. Perhaps you have always reasoned that you need to gather enough capital to enable you start the business in a reasonable way.

Whatever reason you have for not starting your own business, summon up courage and start your business today.

Do your due diligence. Find a mentor or a business coach who can provide the necessary guide and valuable advice on how you can move ahead. In addition, read business books, magazines, newspapers, and journals like Success Digest Magazine and a host of others that are rich in business ideas.

Good books like THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill, RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki , MILLIONAIRE MENTALITY by Dexter Yager et al, and many other brilliant books can put you on the right track to starting your own business.

And please do not listen to those who are busy spreading the rumour that this is the worst period to commence any business because of the global economic melt- down.